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Heady Wedding BX

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Genetics: F – (ICE CREAM CAKE)

10 Plus Seeds Per Pack

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1 review for Heady Wedding BX

  1. @I.Love.This.Plant

    Hands down some of the best weed I’ve ever grown and/or smoked. The blend of flavors in this cross is so complex, that I feel so lucky to have gotten such an outstanding pheno from just popping 3 seeds! Very dense, funky buds. You want to make sure airflow is consistent and steady or she will get botrytis just because she’s so dense and stacked. She tastes like Island Sweet Skunk with some kush in there and she’s way more potent. She leaves me stoned for hours, I’m talking the whole day almost. Very, very potent, tasty bud. I can’t wait to wash it.

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